By working with us, our clients are looking to build a lasting, coherent and vibrant relationship between their brand and the world of music to create a true musical experience.

Artistic direction

Our artistic direction team, always on the lookout for the next musical gem, comes up with original playlists. Over forty brands have already entrusted us with the creation of their musical world.


The development of your sound identity.
We build strategic and creative considerations into our work with a view to distilling your brand’s DNA into music. Each track is chosen with care to build your collection of musical trends. This tailored artistic direction will be rolled out and updated across all your points of sale. We also develop event-driven playlists for key moments in the retail year.


& restaurant

A tailored musical experience for hotels, resorts and restaurants.
We create music for all common areas of your establishment to create a musical environment that matches your identity. Your playlists are updated monthly to closely track the music scene.

We also offer a musical application for high-end hotel suites. A premium service comprising 7 chosen playlists to complement the various parts of the day.

Innovation and technology

Thanks to our small development team, we create our own applications to ensure we remain cutting edge. We thereby offer our clients the most powerful tools.

Player Music Work

The Music Work PlayerTM allows you to roll out your sound identity across your points of sale.

Embedded into your computer networks, it installs itself remotely and does not require any specific technical support. This makes it possible to change the music style in real time to reflect footfall in your store and its smart shuffle function eliminates fatigue.

Each programme is determined on the basis of client needs, the pace of life in stores, and key points for the brand.

This solution was developed in partnership with leading software providers for the retail industry: Cegid, Cylande, Raymark

Music Work App

The Music Work App is a music broadcasting application for the audio branding of hotels, resorts and restaurants.

The application offers over 10,000 tracks specially selected by our artistic directors and updated monthly. Custom playlists allow you to manage the musical atmosphere in all parts of your establishment. Stable playback is ensured thanks to our innovative technology, the playlists being stored locally (no streaming).

Thanks to the planning tool, you can plan your musical atmosphere for a full week.

LaPlaylist received backing from BPI FRANCE on the grounds of innovation.

Music Work Smartlink

The SmartLink allows you to share your playlists (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and YouTube) with your community.

This innovative technology allows you to retain your customers around your brand values ​​and enriched content. Your customers can listen, share and subscribe to your playlists and your official brand’s accounts on different streaming platforms.

Creation & events

Far from stopping at the musical experience in the shop, we accompany our clients on all topics related to music, from the production of events to the personalized sound design, through the production of custom-tailored music and partnerships with Artists.

Organisation d’événements

We organize your tailored events : Advice in artistic direction, booking DJ’s and artists, production and general direction.

Sound Production

We offer a service of musical creations: Film music, sound illustration for showcases, exhibitions or videos, soundtrack of parades, sound design.

and sync

Close to the music labels, we also do the licensing of songs and partnerships with artists for marketing and communication operations.