By working with us, our clients are looking to build a lasting, coherent and vibrant relationship between their brand and the world of music to create a true musical experience.

Sound Design

In-store music

Our artistic direction team, always on the lookout for the next musical gem, comes up with original playlists. Over forty brands have already entrusted us with the creation of their musical world.

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Off-store music

/01 Music Channel

Make your brand’s musical universe discoverable at a glance !

More than ever, digital technology is the key to sustaining strong relationships between your brand and your customers.
Music is an extraordinary vehicle for conveying emotions and an effective means of offering broader brand-culture content to your community.

/02 Events

We organize your tailored events

Advice in
artistic direction
Booking DJ’s
and artists


/03 Synchronization


We have close working relationships with music labels. We help and support brands in their marketing and communication operations.

— Musical work licensing
— Original work
— Legal support
— Negociation with rights holders

Sound production

We offer a service of musical creations:

— Soundtrack of parades
— Film music
— Sound illustration for showcases
— Sound design
— Exhibitions or videos