Creating bonds

These last few months have showed how crucial digital technology has become when it comes to maintaining a strong relationship between your brand and your customers.

Music is an extraordinary vehicle for conveying emotions and an effective means of broadening your brand-culture content. Share your musical inspirations of the season or your favorite tracks ; write about music that moves you and/or that captured your imagination.

A new social media

In the same way that you promote your brand with Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or other social media platforms, music streaming platforms allow you to further engage your customers and increase brand awareness.

Music Channel

The music channel regroups all of your playlists like a mini website.

Effortlessly share cross-platform playlists: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer & YouTube through a single smartlink. Explore playlist tracks and listen to excerpts thanks to the integrated mini-player.

Turn customers into loyal brand fans as they can follow your profile and playlists on their favorite music streaming platforms

Seamlessly integrate the music channel into your website by adding it to your other social media buttons.


Music Work is there to assist you in making coherent and qualitative artistic musical choices that fit your brand and its culture.

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