Thanks to our small development team, we create our own applications to ensure we remain cutting edge. We thereby offer our clients the most powerful tools.

Music Work Player

enjoy a musical universe dedicated to your brand’s personality.

The music-programming app dedicated to the emotional/musical atmosphere of your shop(s), hotel(s), and/or restaurant(s).

& Podcast Channel

/01 Music Channel

— The music channel regroups all of your playlists like a mini website.

— Effortlessly share cross-platform playlists through a single smartlink: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer & YouTube

— Explore playlist tracks and listen to excerpts thanks to the integrated mini-player

— Turn customers into loyal brand fans as they can follow your profile and playlists on their favorite music streaming platforms

— Seamlessly integrate the music channel into your website by adding it to your other social media buttons.

/03 Podcast Channel

Share your creative podcasts with your brand community.

Podcasting is back in style and booming. We offer podcast production services and technology that allow brands to easily share their creative expression.

— Podcast production
— Podcast platform aggregation
— Smartlink provision
— Podcast channel